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Kettlebells & Functional Training

Being a sports and massage therapist, I worked with athletes from all kinds of sporting disciplines. It was always interesting to learn different anatomy when working on yogis, but some of my clients were ordinary people who wanted the “Hollywood superhero” body. Working through gym rats’ chronically tight muscles taught me about how hard it is for them to recover sometimes!

I had the pleasure of working with athletes and performers from most sporting, exercise, and movement disciplines. During my years spent as a sports therapist I worked with yogis who loved anatomy exploration but did have regular bodybuilders that were forever chasing the Hollywood superhero look for their muscles. Every once in while these gym rats would get chronically tight.

The muscles of experienced kettlebell enthusiasts become like steel when activated, but unlike power lifters and bodybuilders they are capable of switching off this state at will. They don’t have chronically tight short muscles.

While kettlebell lifters may not be as big as Olympic lifters, they still do manipulate their programs to build muscle.

A cast iron kettlebell is often smaller than the large bar used in olympic lifting and because of this many people don’t think that it can help with building mass but those who lift them swear by its results.

Kettlebell training is a great way to build strength, endurance and flexibility without the high risk of injury that comes from other forms. Powerbag workouts are the same, they provide an excellent full body functional workout.

It’s no surprise that Olympic weightlifting (and other strength training modalities) can help add mass, but adding too much functional bulk might not be the best option.

Forget back with biceps, shoulders with triceps or chest with abs. Replace it with squat and pull, bend and push, gait instead of rotate, say’s Dan Clay from:

Use Clubbells to Build A Powerful Body!

Do you avoid clubbells because you abhor the monotony of a regular schedule? Or do you typically associate clubbells with bulging muscles and disproportionately developed arms and legs? 

Do you desire the lean, strong and well-toned looks of athletes and military personnel but are clueless about how to get your dream body? 

Then what you need is a few weeks of training with clubbells. 

Only a clubbell offers you all the right techniques and approaches needed to develop your body the way you want.

Balanced Focus on the Entire Body

If you desire a well-shaped look, you must focus on all the major muscle groups of your body. Only a clubbells provides you the opportunity to exercise your entire body without investing in expensive trainers or equipments.

Here you use simple clubbells, natural obstacles or just your own body to perform different types of cardiovascular workouts, resistance training or flexibility training. The aim is to focus on all the major and minor muscle groups so that your entire body gains a chiselled look.

Potent Routine that Ensure Maximum Weight loss

Clubbells help their participants to reach their fitness goals through circuits that involve high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Once followed exclusively by successful athletes, today boot camps have made it possible for everybody to reap the benefits of this elite fitness programme.

A typical circuit comprises different types of workouts from various categories. You complete one circuit once all the exercises have been performed. You can either repeat the same circuit or move on to a different circuit depending on the desired level of difficulty. There is very little rest time in-between circuits which makes the entire programme more challenging and rigorous.

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Assorted Exercises to keep you Interested

The biggest impediment to a successful weight-loss programme is the incentive to continue despite the odds. Rushcutters Bay boot camps understand this only too well as they are conducted by expert trainers who have helped hundreds like you achieve their fitness target. The very routine of a boot camp is structured in such a way that you will never do the same exercise every day.

The variety is mind-boggling and this is what makes boot camps so interesting and effective! Moreover, the very nature of circuit training ensures that there is very little time to feel bored or uninterested. When you are on your toes for almost the entire session, you naturally feel active; energized and eager for more.

Guaranteed Results

Clubbell exercises are performed with the explicit aim of ensuring maximum weight loss in minimum time. Secondly, personal trainers provide the required guidance and motivation to keep you charged up. Thirdly, the fusion of different exercise categories ensures maximum toning of all the muscle groups in your entire body. Fourthly, boot camps have a group setting where you are a part of pack of similar individuals who share a fitness goal. There is a feeling of organized enjoyment and camaraderie as participants learn, work and achieve together.

Once you see others like you toiling so hard to reach their target, you too will be convinced of your success. With conviction comes confidence and you will soon be on your way to achieving the body you desire.

Losing Fat and Being healthy is not just a fad but it is a necessity

Our lives today are sedentary with a lot of processed and junk foods that make us prone to many lifestyle diseases. Personal Training therefore can help people to maintain a healthy body weight and stay fit for life. There are many online weight loss programs so choosing someone who would be suitable for you is not an easy choice. Base your decision on facts and not just advertising hype.

To begin, what you need to do is visit them yourself. You take a friend along who can help you make a choice. If possible set an appointment for the visit so that your future personal trainer can spend adequate time with you.

Personal trainers usually include that your trainer will himself an appointed time for you. This is a sign of professionalism. It also means that he is willing to offer you dedicated time to know more about their services. Ideally, the personal trainer will offer you a guided tour of the gym, help you build muslce and show you how to rapidly drop bodyweight.

Personal Trainers will also give you a free assessment of your health status that will help you to know where you stand. Additionally this will serve as a starting point for the trainer to develop a specific fitness strategy for you. He will even ask you questions about your overall lifestyle so that he can determine ways to make the exercise program feasible for you.

Remember that the exercise program is for you therefore your needs and wishes must be a core part of the design. Personal training is devised in a client-centric manner, which makes it popular and highly successful. For instance, if you are a busy professional who needs to make frequent outstation trips, the personal trainer will also suggest ways in which you can continue your fitness regime on trips. Likewise, if you are woman who has recently delivered a baby, you will also need a focus on nutrition.

Your exercise program should ideally include diet programs along with some additional thing such as meditation and relaxation strategies.  People make the mistake of over-exerting themselves in their quest for fitness. However this is not sustainable and in fact, therefore, could even lead to injuries. A personal trainer will be trained enough to deal with any. Look for all these skills while choosing your ,trainer.

Putting Cardio over Strength Training? That’s a Mistake

As a personal trainer, you are well aware that it is best to combine strength training along with cardio workouts to lose weight efficiently and more effectively. A combination of both tends to bring about better results in terms of fitness, weight loss and enhanced blood sugar levels. As a personal trainer your aim should be to include both in the fitness regime for your clients but in the event of time constraints, it is better to put strength training over cardio.

An Ideal Fitness Plan

The best fitness plan designed by Chula Vista fitness instructors would include both strength training and cardio. You should explain to your clients how these two different modes of exercise help you in different ways to lose weight effectively. If time is the main issue you must try to convince your clients to fit in both wisely either by doing each workout for shorter duration or doing each workout occasionally may be for example, doing each once a week.

San Diego Personal trainers also chalk out workouts that combine both cardio and strength training efficiently thus, you can effectively fit in both the modes of exercise. Some strength training exercises can be used to double as cardio. Recently the American council on Exercise has undertaken a study that revealed that kettlebell exercises are able to burn as much as 20 calories per minute which is actually equivalent to running at a pace of 6 minute per mile.

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Emphasis on Strength Training Not Cardio if Time is a Factor

If time is the main issue you must emphasize on strength training as that should be your top priority. Strength training can effectively build lean muscle mass that is helpful in increasing your metabolism and decreasing your fat. Hence, the more muscle you are able to build it would result in burning of more calories daily even at rest.

As one grows older he tends to lose muscles. That is why your metabolism slows down with age. Cardio is considered to be the undisputed calorie burning king. Cardio exercises are said to elevate metabolism but the effect wears off within a few hours but the metabolic boost derived from strength exercises lasts even till the next day.

Strength Training for Maintaining Good Health

Cardio does impressively boost calorie burn but does very little for muscles. It is understood that around 30% of the weight lost is attributed to muscle loss if you do not include strength training in your fitness regime. It is definitely going to affect your health adversely as good strength as well as muscle tone is necessary for functional living and to maintain good health.

By including moderate strength training in your fitness program the muscle loss would be restricted to 3 to 5 per cent of total weight loss. Strength training is effective in preserving balance, bone density and many such important aspects of your health. Therefore, it would be a mistake if you put cardio over strength training.

Strength Training Over Cardio

Strength training helps in creating shape that you desire. For well-toned arms and a more shapely body or attractive vital statistics, cardio exercises like walking would be ineffective, but strength training workouts such as squats and pushups would be far more effective in sculpting your body. As a personal trainer you should make sure that your client would get cardio effect from wisely chosen strength training exercises, in case of time constraint. If the focus is on multiple muscle groups or the big muscles such as the legs, the heart rate will definitely go up. You could suggest a circuit or even minimizing rest in between sets to pump up the heart rate.

Exercise Tips & Tricks From a Seasoned Fitness Professional

Sydney group fitness trainingThere are almost six muscles between your elbow and wrist and they are all responsible for helping you move your wrist. Working out your forearms will help you tighten your grip when you perform strength training.

Sydney personal fitness trainers recommend practicing this exercise to improve the strength of the forearm muscles.

Just sit down on the floor with your forearms on your thighs and then try to hold up a weight with both your hands with the palms facing down. You can use your wrist to keep moving the weights up and down in a slow rhythmic motion.

Develop your tibialis anterior muscles
Most people are unaware that the name tibialis anterior actually denotes the shins. This muscle lies on the front of your calves. The funny thing is that you probably think that this part is nothing but bone. You must have experienced a strong sharp pain in this area. This is nothing but a shin splints which is caused by your calf muscles superior strength as compared to your weak shin muscles. Also be sure to stretch out the tight muscles after your group fitness training workout.

Fitness instructors advise their members to strut around in high heels for at least one hour per day. This helps balance out the muscle power of these two groups.

Watch out for your lower back
Sydney personal trainers say that most people complain of lower back pain because they do not work out this area much. There is a group of muscles in the small of your back known as erector spine. This muscle group should be exercised regularly if you want to have a strong and flexible back. Bend on your knees, keep the arms straight and then try extending one leg first. Now pull it back and do the exercise with the other leg. This will make your lower back stronger.

Do You Need Cardio To Lose Weight – The Definite Answer

cardioWhen someone mentions the word weight loss, you can’t help but think about cardio.

The 2 words go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. But do you really need to do cardio to lose weight.

The answer – Nope!

Surprising, huh?

But the truth is that cardio isn’t necessary to lose weight. Maybe, just maybe cardio is necessary if you ever plan on becoming a pro bodybuilder or competitive fitness model but if your goal is just to look good and have a good amount of muscle mass like Ryan Gosling (find out more about the workout here) or other celebrities then cardio really isn’t necessary.

To lose weight to really only need a calorie deficit. Everything else you do, including cardio and any other sort of activity is just gravy.

But then again, if you’re trying to improve your endurance or conditioning level, then that’s another story. For now, just stick with watching your diet if you’re in a hurry to lose weight.

How Exercising can help you Improve in your favourite Sport?

Exercising with personal trainers Sydney is great for people who are into sports as exercise is likely to improve their sports performance. However often people who are actively into sports underestimate the importance of exercise in their lives as they feel that all their exercise needs are fulfilled by the pursuit of their favourite sports activity. Learn about the top reasons of continuing with an additional regular workout regime.

Build your endurance

Endurance is one of the actors which separate winners from the participants. If you are serious about succeeding at any competitive sports then you have to make sure that your muscles are strong enough to endure the stress on the sports field. For example if you are seriously into soccer then you could try scientifically designed interval training under the supervision of your personal trainers Sydney to improve your resistance and stamina.

Maintain the agility of your muscles

If you are engaged in a particular type of competitive sport then there is a chance that only one set of muscles is seeing repeated strenuous activity. For example if you are into biking only your leg muscles are seeing action. However in order to maintain a fit physique and build strength and power you need to pay attention to all the muscle groups in the body.

The best way you can do whole body exercises is by working out with Personal Trainers Sydney who will design scientifically designed workouts for you.


Practice hardcore sit ups with your personal trainer in Sydney

Learn breath control and relaxation techniques

In some sports like swimming you need to learn how to last a long time with a limited intake of air. Personal Trainers Sydney will teach you breathing exercises and power yoga you might b able to maximise your breathing power.

Similarly Personal Trainers Sydney can teach you relaxation techniques that will help you gain your strength back for the next round of your competitive sport. Sometimes the control you have over your body is all you need to win the game.

Build confidence levels

It’s a well known fact that exercise builds confidence and stimulates the feelings of positivity. When you are on the sports field you have to believe that you can win before you actually win the race. Scientific research says that sportsmen who engage in alternative forms of exercise are more positive and respond better to challenging situations.

The best investment a sportsperson can make is to contact Personal Trainers Sydney who can keep him/her motivated and positive before a major sports event.

Enhance your agility

Exercise will increase the flexibility of your limbs and your ability to react swiftly to situations. In competitive sports you need to be aware of every small move of your fellow participants and react accordingly. Take regular doses of exercise under the supervision of Personal Trainers Sydney and feel yourself growing stronger, confident and more agile.

Bootcamp Expert Explains Why Getting Professional Advice Is So Critical

Why Seeking Advice from a Trainer is more Beneficial than Following a Fitness Book

When you feel the urge to get fitter you will find a lot of options to choose for. You may be tempted to simply follow a fitness book and do copy book style workouts but the fact is that almost 75% of self driven workouts fail. In contrast, there is a reason why fitness bootcamp Coogee are so wildly successful and popular. The invigorating outdoor setting, friendly activity groups, disciplined lifestyle and the highly trained experienced trainers on board make bootcamp Coogee an experience to remember.

Personalised attention

A fitness book is written with a wide audience in mind. A book will have generic content which is targeted towards a better understanding about excise, fitness, health and nutrition habits.  There are a lot of books related to exercise and fitness which are widely lead but it’s highly unlikely that following a book can make you fit and toned. A book will not be able to bestow the intense level of personalised attention that is found in Dangerously Fit bootcamp Coogee.

Coogee fitness bootcamp are intense activity centers moulded on the American Army new recruit training program. There are experienced trainers who can map your individual requirements and can give you personalised attention. After all, a book can hardly serve as a competitor to a flesh and blood trainer.

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Coogee boot camp is the most fun way to get in shape

Level of motivation

When you are trying to get fit by following an exercise book you are basically following a solo route. There is nobody to guide you, fix your fitness goals and monitor your progress. Left alone your interest levels are bound to dip one day as you cook up various exercises to skip your daily workout.

When you join a Dangerously Fit boot camp Coogee or hire a personal trainer you are basically setting up a guide to oversee your fitness activity. Even if you try making up excuses or fall prey to laziness, your trainer will make sure you stay true to your fitness goals.

Lifestyle advice

You are unlikely to get holistic advice on nutrition and fitness from the same book. Unlike Dangerously Fit boot camps in Coogee which teach participants several aspects of getting fitter, a book will focus mostly on its own topic. A book will not be able to judge the individual needs and concerns you face and is highly unlikely to contain information that is suited to your specific physiological profile.

Boot camp Coogee on the other hand run on the principle of holistic wellness and the correct lifestyle choices. Every participant who enters the boot camps interacts with personal trainers who advise him/her on making the right kind of lifestyle decisions.

Discipline and focus

Two important things that a personal trainer associated with a boot camp Coogee will teach you are discipline and focus. These values will teach you to succeed in your workout, in your fitness goals and also in your professional life. You will get so used to following a goal oriented regime and proceedings a step wise manner towards your fitness milestones that you will apply the same principle in your professional life too.

Best Exercises for Pregnant moms-to-be

Exercises are paramount, esp. for pregnant moms. Exercises done in the pregnancy are beneficial, not only for moms, but also for their little unborn infants. Studies show that the moms, who are agile in pregnancy, are more likely to give birth to agile child, as child learns a lot of things from its mom in the womb itself.

Apart from that, post pregnancy weight also poses serious challenge in front of mothers. But, if they keep doing exercises in their pregnancy, their body will naturally revert to the normal pre-pregnancy shape, without much struggle.

That being said, they have to be very choosy, while making selection of exercises for them in pregnancy.  In pregnancy, women’s body release relaxing hormone, which makes their joints very flexible, too much strain can deform them. But they can surely start with some simple and easy workouts.

Fitness experts highly recommend swimming for pregnant women, due to its impact on the larger muscle groups of body such as, arms and legs. Swimming makes you feel light and relaxed.
It’s the safest way of giving a complete workout to your body because swimming works on your heart without overheating it. Moreover, unlike other exercises, you don’t have a concern of losing your balance in water.

Agile Walking
With no risk involved, walking is the best exercise for pregnant women. Just 20-30 minutes of agile walk in a day is sufficient for them. They can continue their routine of walking, even when the pregnancy is in advanced stage.

Jogging is also an excellent cardiovascular workout, which tones the legs, thighs and butts. Pregnant women can make a routing of jogging. 15 minutes of jogging will keep their heart healthy and body in shape.

Wall Push-ups
You can also practice wall push-ups, which is a safe and easy way of workouts. Wall push-ups tone your arms, shoulders and stomach. Keeping your back straight, you can mould the push-up according to your comfort.

Yoga, which unites body with mind, is impeccable for pregnant moms. Many celebrities have kept them fit in the days of pregnancy by practicing yoga. Yoga stretches and tones your body muscles and makes your body flexible. But be wary while doing various stretching postures of yoga. Don’t hold you too long in a particular stretched position. There are many simple yoga postures; you can comfortably proceed with them.


Yoga is great for flexibilty and strength.

Stair Climbing
Stair climbing effectively increases your heart rate and blood circulation, and is a very effective way of workout. If the stairs you have chosen have railing, getting the required support from railing, you can certainly practice stair climbing.

Dancing can be a superb choice of workout for you. Along-with fun, your body will get its required exercise. The beauty of dancing is you don’t have to go anywhere to practice it. You just have to put on your favourite music and dance with your beloved moves.
At the time of pregnancy, the release of endorphin hormone cause mood swings and develop stress in you. But your physical movements can effectively deal with those hormones. Apart from removing stress, exercises will keep you joyous and cheerful.