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Do You Need Cardio To Lose Weight – The Definite Answer

cardioWhen someone mentions the word weight loss, you can’t help but think about cardio.

The 2 words go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. But do you really need to do cardio to lose weight.

The answer – Nope!

Surprising, huh?

But the truth is that cardio isn’t necessary to lose weight. Maybe, just maybe cardio is necessary if you ever plan on becoming a pro bodybuilder or competitive fitness model but if your goal is just to look good and have a good amount of muscle mass like Ryan Gosling (find out more about the workout here) or other celebrities then cardio really isn’t necessary.

To lose weight to really only need a calorie deficit. Everything else you do, including cardio and any other sort of activity is just gravy.

But then again, if you’re trying to improve your endurance or conditioning level, then that’s another story. For now, just stick with watching your diet if you’re in a hurry to lose weight.