Exercise Tips & Tricks From a Seasoned Fitness Professional

Sydney group fitness trainingThere are almost six muscles between your elbow and wrist and they are all responsible for helping you move your wrist. Working out your forearms will help you tighten your grip when you perform strength training.

Sydney personal fitness trainers recommend practicing this exercise to improve the strength of the forearm muscles.

Just sit down on the floor with your forearms on your thighs and then try to hold up a weight with both your hands with the palms facing down. You can use your wrist to keep moving the weights up and down in a slow rhythmic motion.

Develop your tibialis anterior muscles
Most people are unaware that the name tibialis anterior actually denotes the shins. This muscle lies on the front of your calves. The funny thing is that you probably think that this part is nothing but bone. You must have experienced a strong sharp pain in this area. This is nothing but a shin splints which is caused by your calf muscles superior strength as compared to your weak shin muscles. Also be sure to stretch out the tight muscles after your group fitness training workout.

Fitness instructors advise their members to strut around in high heels for at least one hour per day. This helps balance out the muscle power of these two groups.

Watch out for your lower back
Sydney personal trainers say that most people complain of lower back pain because they do not work out this area much. There is a group of muscles in the small of your back known as erector spine. This muscle group should be exercised regularly if you want to have a strong and flexible back. Bend on your knees, keep the arms straight and then try extending one leg first. Now pull it back and do the exercise with the other leg. This will make your lower back stronger.

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