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Best Exercises for Pregnant moms-to-be

Exercises are paramount, esp. for pregnant moms. Exercises done in the pregnancy are beneficial, not only for moms, but also for their little unborn infants. Studies show that the moms, who are agile in pregnancy, are more likely to give birth to agile child, as child learns a lot of things from its mom in the womb itself.

Apart from that, post pregnancy weight also poses serious challenge in front of mothers. But, if they keep doing exercises in their pregnancy, their body will naturally revert to the normal pre-pregnancy shape, without much struggle.

That being said, they have to be very choosy, while making selection of exercises for them in pregnancy.  In pregnancy, women’s body release relaxing hormone, which makes their joints very flexible, too much strain can deform them. But they can surely start with some simple and easy workouts.

Fitness experts highly recommend swimming for pregnant women, due to its impact on the larger muscle groups of body such as, arms and legs. Swimming makes you feel light and relaxed.
It’s the safest way of giving a complete workout to your body because swimming works on your heart without overheating it. Moreover, unlike other exercises, you don’t have a concern of losing your balance in water.

Agile Walking
With no risk involved, walking is the best exercise for pregnant women. Just 20-30 minutes of agile walk in a day is sufficient for them. They can continue their routine of walking, even when the pregnancy is in advanced stage.

Jogging is also an excellent cardiovascular workout, which tones the legs, thighs and butts. Pregnant women can make a routing of jogging. 15 minutes of jogging will keep their heart healthy and body in shape.

Wall Push-ups
You can also practice wall push-ups, which is a safe and easy way of workouts. Wall push-ups tone your arms, shoulders and stomach. Keeping your back straight, you can mould the push-up according to your comfort.

Yoga, which unites body with mind, is impeccable for pregnant moms. Many celebrities have kept them fit in the days of pregnancy by practicing yoga. Yoga stretches and tones your body muscles and makes your body flexible. But be wary while doing various stretching postures of yoga. Don’t hold you too long in a particular stretched position. There are many simple yoga postures; you can comfortably proceed with them.


Yoga is great for flexibilty and strength.

Stair Climbing
Stair climbing effectively increases your heart rate and blood circulation, and is a very effective way of workout. If the stairs you have chosen have railing, getting the required support from railing, you can certainly practice stair climbing.

Dancing can be a superb choice of workout for you. Along-with fun, your body will get its required exercise. The beauty of dancing is you don’t have to go anywhere to practice it. You just have to put on your favourite music and dance with your beloved moves.
At the time of pregnancy, the release of endorphin hormone cause mood swings and develop stress in you. But your physical movements can effectively deal with those hormones. Apart from removing stress, exercises will keep you joyous and cheerful.